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Are you launching a retail store, strategy or component to your business and have no idea where to start?

Are your current store (s) consistently underperforming despite all your best efforts and you’re not sure why?

Do you want to grow your retail business but are not sure what the next steps are to achieve that goal? 

Do you feel that you can’t compete with the large retail titans and online giants like Amazon and Alibaba?

Success in retailing is truly possible and there are many such case studies. Retail success is not based on a singular magic formula but a strategic process that if followed, will yield amazing and rewarding results. Success in any

business always comes down to your ability to generate brand loyalty through a carefully planned and executed customer experience.  


Let us help you navigate the many complexities of the bricks and mortar retail business by providing actionable strategies based on fundamental categories to help make your retail business a resounding

success and a brand that gets noticed.

The site

  • site search process

  • size does matter

  • catchment areas

  • site analysis

  • site feasibility

  • due diligence 

  • lease negotiation

  • landlord incentives

The customer experience

  • brand strategy 

  • competing with the retail titans 

  • brand identity & graphics

  • store merchandising

  • store design & planning

  • packaging design

  • the hospitality offering

  • operations & brand execution

Project management 

  • selecting the consultants

  • planning for permit lead times

  • construction bid cost analysis

  • selecting the contractor 

  • managing the contractor

  • construction value engineering

  • managing delays & over runs

  • managing deficiencies

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