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Credits & Privacy Policy

All Illustrations, renderings, photography may be the property of Designwrk, its clients, sub-consultants or other professionals hired by Designwrk or other consultants, their suppliers, consultants or clients. The material contained in this website is offered for informational purposes only and is intended to show relative experience and may be subject to previous agreements. Photo Credits include Limelight Dubai, Watt International and J Joel. Some works represented here we're undertaken by Designwrk's principals while working with other firms. Designwrk does not grant any expressed nor implied rights to any third party under any license, copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret information. Use of any image including photographs, illustrations, computer renderings, etc, from requires written permission from Designwrk and/or any other party as applicable. may include links to other sites however, Designwrk is not responsible for the content or privacy practices of any such sites. We will never collect or store your information for any purpose other than to contact you as requested by you for business purposes. You may at any time request that we delete your contact information which we will do immediately on notice by email.

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